We recently learned that June 17th is “National Eat Your Vegetables Day.” While we don’t typically partake in the typical “Instagram holidays”, this particular one reminded us of some of our favorite ceramic vegetables. We absolutely adore our Lettuce Ware collection created by Tory Burch in collaboration with the estate of Dodie Thayer. Thayer, an […]

National Eat Your Vegetables Day


Our number one way to warm up a home is through art. The beauty of art is it is a sure way to personalize a home, be it big or small. Small scale art is often underrated, as it can make just as bug of an impact as a large piece. Although art often can […]

Tuesday Tip: Small Art


While it is important to invest in certain pieces in a home, there are many elements that can be less of an investment and make just as big of an impact. Pillows can absolutely fall into that category. Our favorite way to incorporate pops of color is through the use of pillows. A little known […]

Pillow Refresh